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Small Business
Technical Assistance Program

The aim of the Small Business Technical Assistance Program is to provide businesses with
hands-on English and Spanish language technical assistance training when it comes to online e-commerce marketing and operations. The goal is to help SMBs scale online post pandemic by providing them the digital training necessary to increase sales, leads, and clients as well as lower operational cost.

Curriculum Overview

We developed a values based approach that focuses on integrity and a growth mindset. Each lesson plan builds on each other and provides a foundational understanding of key ecommerce digital marketing tools. We include benchmarking, subject matter experts, success tracking and templated marketing tools for the SMB to excel. Additionally, the program emphasizes the need for and importance in building a cohesive diverse community of entrepreneurs and small business owners that can learn and grow together post program.

Curriculum Industry Focus

e-Commerce; Retail Services; Food Industries; Service Industry

Length of Workshop

45 minutes to 1.5hrs

Delivery of Program

Virtual Zoom


Consultant will provide an ecommerce assessment to gauge sophistication and needs of the SMBs. The assessment is to be used to target their opportunity gaps and round out their digital skills. Additionally, we will provide a pre-and post-program survey on the impacts and outcomes of the curriculum on small business goals; program sessions, and 1:1 coaching. We also will conduct pre and post interview testimonials. The curriculum will be delivered in an online module and will include presentations on digital ecommerce tools, activities and Q&A sessions. Templates, resources, and helpful links will be shared during and after each session. Presentation decks will be made available to participants.

Impact Matrix Solution

We created a software tracking solution that measures the impact and tracks the overall success of the program and small business participants.

The tool keeps track of where the small business is tracking when it comes to three key drivers:

SMB Tech Partners

The consultant will facilitate strategic partnership with leading small business tech companies to present to the SMBs. Additionally, the consultant will work to secure free solutions and services for SMBs. Tech SMBs partners of interest include:

SMB Program Partners

The consultant will connect with strategic partners, including nonprofit and government entities, to facilitate ongoing and sustainable consulting support, post one on one training. Program partners SMBs include:

Curriculum Assets

The following are template samples of the different assets and content we will be providing to the SMBs:



(Sample Syllabus Found Here)

Week 0:

Orientation, introductions and Intro to digital marketing

Week 1:

Online Presence & Social Media Mgt

Week 2:

Website and SEO

Week 3:

Paid Ads & Email : Social, Search, and Email Mkt

Week 4:

Ecommerce Platforms and 3rd Party Platforms

Week 5:

POS Systems and Drop Shipping

Week 6-7:

One Hour Coaching Sessions

Sample Syllabus

0 Orientation: Introductions and Intro to digital marketing •Pre Survey
•Review/Read Assessment Results
• Article on SMB
•Mkt Template
•Bugget Template
•Pre Survey
•Pre-program video testimonial
1 Online Presence & Social Media Mgt •Business Listing Process
•Business Listing Set Up
•Social Media Content Calendar
•Week 1 PPT Review
•Business Plan Template selection
2 Website and SEO •Website for Food Industry Article
•Website for Care
•Website of Retail
•Social Media Calendar
•Business Listing Creation
2 Shopify Workshop (Optional) TBD TBD
3 Paid Ads & Email •Learn about Paid advertising according to your industry
•Set Up Pais Ads
•Learn about Email Mkt
•Paid Ads Setup
•Email Mkt Platform Setup
•Paid Ads Sample Campaigns
3 Google Ads Workshop (Optional) TBD TBD
4 Ecommerce Platforms and 3rd Party Platforms •Develop Ecommerce Strategy
•CTA and Integrations
•Set Up 3rd Party Platforms
•Review 3rd Party Platforms
•Stakeholder analysis list due
4 Amazon Workshop (Optional) TBD TBD
5 POS and Drop Shipping •What is the best POS for you
•POS Functionality
•Set Up 3rd Party Platforms
•Review Drop shipping options
•Review POS options
5 Square Workshop (Optional) TBD TBD
6 1:1 Coaching Session (Mkt and Budget Plan + 1 Mkt Subject) •MB Chooses Mkt
•Consultant reviews plan(s)
•SMB Choose 3rd Party Org
7 1:1 Coaching Session •SMB Chooses Mkt Specialization
•Consultant reviews plan(s)
•SMB Choose 3rd Party Org
8 Program End •Provide Impact Matrix Report SMB
•Consultant reviews plan(s)
•Post Program Video Exit Interview
•Consultant reviews plan(s)